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Buying a diamond in a jewelry shop

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Investing in Diamonds

If you are in search of an investment diamond, you have to be more careful. (more…)

Diamond’s shapes and colors

The cast of a diamond is quite essential as well as its final ‘cut’ which will determine its luminosity. (more…)

Diamonds and Carats

A diamond’s weight is measured in ‘carats’. (more…)

How to avoid synthetic diamonds

Recognizing synthetic or fake dimonds. (more…)

How to Choose a Diamond

Guide on how to choose and purchase a diamond. (more…)


DiamondA diamond is an allotrope of carbon and the hardest known natural material on earth.

History of Diamonds

diamond jewelThe name diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas” for “invincible”.

Mining diamonds

Mine diamondsAbout half of all diamonds are mined in central and southern Africa.