Diamond’s shapes and colors

The cast of a diamond is quite essential as well as its final ‘cut’ which will determine its luminosity.

Usually a round stone with a complicated faceting such as the ‘Princess Diamond’ is very popular but this changes according to the current fashion trends. The stone’s color remains most desired in its pristine translucency which means that white diamonds still hold ascendancy in this regard. Yet, some tinted diamonds which are natural and those are starting to become increasingly popular. N

evertheless the ways for diamond’s coloring are progressing, as are the methods of concealing imperfections. So beware of those factors. Commercial increases in value will be met with technological progressions.

Diamond fluorescence However, a lot of diamonds, will show some fluorescence. Ask for the fluorescence test, which in case it gives a powerful reaction isn’t as desired as another stone sue to the fact that the stone might change its color under divergent conditions and light.

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